Buying a used car?

mechanic-overheadWe are often asked what precautions should be taken when buying used vehicles. We strongly recommend having your own inspection done before purchasing any used vehicle, whether it is being sold as certified or as is.

Not all safety inspections are as thorough as they should be. Even when done properly, safety inspections don’t cover many important things. Things like engine condition, evidence of collision repair, and computer trouble codes aren’t covered by a basic inspection. Insist on having any potential purchase fully checked over at your own shop. You should be suspicious of sellers who object to an inspection.

You should also be sure the vehicle has a valid emission test and that the Check Engine light is not on. You can look it up emission testing history online with the 16 digit VIN number here – Drive Clean history.

Unfortunately many new purchases don’t make it to the shop until after the money is spent. Far too often we see this result in buyer’s remorse. A simple inspection before hand can save much grief, and give you bargaining power!