Regular Maintenance

Regular preventative maintenance saves money! It ensures best gas mileage, fewer unexpected break downs, and better re-sale value for your vehicle. Manufacturers publish detailed service recommendations for every make and model. Following them keeps your vehicle at its best. Listed below are some average service intervals for a regular maintenance items. Intervals vary between models. Some are much sooner, some later. Check your owner’s manual or ask us for specifics about your vehicle.
If you don’t know when a service was last performed, in most cases we can inspect the component to see if it needs doing. If it’s not easy to inspect, like a fuel filter, it’s often best to assume it needs to be done.
Fluids – should be changed because they get dirty and/or break down chemically over time and with use

  •  Coolant – long life, 5 years or 160 000 kms; green, 2 years or 50 000 kms
  • Transmission – 80 000 kms
  • Brake – 100 000 kms
  • Power steering – 100 000 kms
  • Differentials – 80 000 kms
  • Transfer case – 80 000 kms

Filters – should be changed because they get dirty, which blocks the flow or air or fluid. For instance, dirty fuel filters put stress on fuel pumps and can burn them out prematurely.

  • Fuel filter – 50 000 kms
  • Transmission filter – 80 000 kms
  • Cabin air filter – 12 months

Mechanical – for best gas mileage and proper system operation.

  • Throttle body service – 60 000 kms
  • Spark plugs and wires – copper 60 000 kms, platinum 160 000 kms
  • Timing belt – 120 000 kms
  • Brake cleaning and lubrication – annually
  • Tire rotation – every second oil change

Remember, maintenance makes sense and saves dollars!